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Last week our team shot the brand new lookbook for Amsterdam based textile innovation studio Byborre (2010) at our TPS Studio. Not your average, straightforward lookbook shoot, but a very interesting one nonetheless. We photographed both models and some of Byborre’s famous friends in the labels’s new AW2019 collection titled The Layered Edition™. The special structure of the materials, which Byborre developed in partnership with GORE-TEX and The Woolmark Company, required a different approach in terms of backdrop and lighting. So for this shoot we got to think and work outside the box a bit. Below Peter elaborates on the lookbook shoot we had last week and why Byborre and TPS are such a good match.

“Borre (Akkersdijk) and I have known each other for over ten years. As I photographed some of his first collections. I always felt Borre was different from most design students and designers. He isn’t focused on just being a designer, he just wants what he’s doing to have a certain relevance, which in my opinion is very refreshing. Like me he studied at the Eindhoven Design Academy, which connects us. Borre is an atypical designer, he’s always pushing boundaries, he is process minded and he is an innovator who continuously thinks out of the box. At TPS we work like that too, which makes Byborre a great match as a client. We all got so much positive energy from our first meeting at the Byborre  workspace we immediately got excited to start working for them. For their collection The Layered Edition™ we’ve now photographed the flats and the lookbook.”

“During the lookbook shoot we shot 24 looks on both models and some of Byborre’s famous friends, family and people they admire. This turned out to be quite a challenge. I would describe the set of the shoot as an organised chaos. But it all turned out alright and we learned so much from doing things differently than we’re used to. Plus, I have to admit generating extra publicity by involving influencers from the cultural scene into the process is a very smart move everyone benefits from in the end.”

“Byborre is extremely tech savvy. I still can’t get over the things he created with his circular knitting machine and I don’t know any other designer who owns a machine like that. As Byborre works on the frontiers of material development, functionality and aesthetics through engineered knits it was highly important to get the material message across in our lookbook pictures. The volume, structure and color of the garments all had to be clearly visible. Our goal was to make people want to feel the fabric just by looking at the pictures. This required a specific light plan on set, working with spotlights highlighting certain parts of the Byborre designs.”

“The way I see it Borre has managed to create a perfect balance between being creative and commercial in his way of working in fashion. Besides his own Byborre label and studio he does a lot of research and development for big sportswear brands. This gives him the financial freedom to not have to make any concessions for his own brand. Byborre forms the perfect mix of sportswear and streetwear, it has the right edge, it’s modern, it’s innovative. Borre doesn’t criticize the polluted fashion system but is just showing us how it can be done differently. Therefore I think the future has a lot in stores for Byborre and we’re excited to be part of that.”

Please find the PDF of the lookbook shoot below.

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