Summertrend(men): Roll ´em up

May 18, 2012 by  
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It´s not just the ladies who are showing off their legs this summer. Men will have to face it too (well.., just a bit) since rolled up / 7/8 pants are a trend for guys. It´s a perfect trend for those hot summer days, ´cause you don´t have to wear shorts and you can still keep it fresh. At Acne, Frankie Morello, Armani and Pringle of Scotland the designers all let some air into their menswear outfits. They showed off 7/8 pleated pants, worn either with brogues or with sandals for the ultimate freshness.

In the streets too there were lotts of male ankles at sight. Some men wore their rolled up pants with suit jackets, other with waistcoats or even  just T-shirts for the perfect casual look on a hot summer day.

It´s clear that with this trend there are innumerable options. Business men, family guys and college lads are all rolling up their legs for the sake of fashion (and ehmm… summer temperatures).

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