MENSWEAR SS2016: Sandal? You mean the ‘mandal’!

June 21, 2016 by  
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If we ask you what makes the man? It’s the beard. The masculinity. The lower voice. Perhaps his rough jeans and feel for casualty. But hell to the no this will include socks in sandals. Dark sartorial times. They don’t call it ‘the sad-dad’ look for nothing, folks. It’s actually number 1,2 ánd 3 on the list of ‘don’t ever try this at home’. Until there was this very handsome person named David Beckham (actually the Pope was first, but hey, let’s keep it interesting shall we) who wore his white sport socks (yikes!) in his white Adidas slippers (more yikes!). And all of sudden it got the cool-factor and it became a huge fashion statement. And with even The Biebs and lovely ladies like Rita Ora, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Elle Fanning stepping out in them, it was only a matter of time before it was socially accepted.

The funny thing is, the sandal remains summer’s most divisive and unlikely trend for men. You may now be shaking your head grimly, but the good thing is, though, this time we’re talking proper leather sandals here (the so called ‘mandal’), not those cheap rubber flip-flops. And a bunch of heavy weight designers is showing you how to wear it, everyone from Gucci, Versace, Michael Kors, Marni, Kenzo and Maison Margiela. Most times it’s teamed up with a smart and tailored look, which is even more surprising. But let’s not forget: Fashion is not only here to make you feel more confident, but also to take you out of your comfortzone. One warning: Choose wisely. Tanned legs are a must. Thin socks and stylish sandals make sure you don’t cross the fine line between Beckham-sexy and lost German tourist.

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