Amsterdam International Fashion Week Preview: Marloes Blaas FW2011

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In less than a week the Amsterdam International Fashion Week will start. So to get you in the right mood for all the great Dutch fashion you’re going to see next week, we will present you some previews of the collections of several Dutch designers. Today we tell you everything about the new collection of Marloes Blaas, which she will show on Friday the 28th of January. After having showed in the Machinegebouw last year Marloes is now showing in the bigger space, Zuiveringshal West.

For her fall/winter collection Marloes Blaas was inspired by the forties. She looked at the women working in factories (such as Rosie de Riveter), wanting to be independent. ‘Those women in the forties had to work really hard, to rebuild their country but also their families. Therefore I chose those strong women as my inspiration’, Marloes told us.

Marloes’ collection will exist of 20 different looks. ‘The collection starts with the aftermath of the War. You’ll see designs made of army tents and heavy knitwear. Then the collection turns from heavy to more feminine. You, for instance, see waist skirts. The show will end with some light, airy clothing’, she says.

Because people in the forties didn’t have a lot of money, they recycled their materials and knitted a lot of the clothes themselves. Marloes copied that example and also used old materials for her new designs. ‘I made a cape of army tents and I used old maps, printed on silk, as a fabric too. I’m lucky to have a friend who’s family business is specialized in items from the second world war. He is always on the look for objects and materials I might be able to use in my collections.’

In line with Marloes’ inspiration for the collection the colors will not be very bright. Marloes: ‘I worked a lot with army green and earthly colors, yet I also added shades of ocher, red and purple. Towards the end I show some white, some cream and a very light shaded type of denim. The old map is one of my prints and I added a slanting check print too.’

Overall the collection will definitely be very wintery. Fabrics will be heavy and many looks will be layered. Real winter-items in the collection will be leather overalls, pants and jackets. Marloes: ‘My favorite look is a cape with many different knitted parts and a collar made of army tent pieces.’

Marloes predicts: ‘Next year’s musthaves will be: knitted cardigans and clothes made from leather. I used a lot of leather in my collection as well.’

Marloes is almost finished with her collection (models & shoes for the show are all taken care of) and together with her boyfriend she’s working on the music for the show. We’re already fond of the story behind her collection, so we can’t wait to see what it will eventually look like.

Photographer: Jeannette Huisman@Team Peter Stigter

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