Amsterdam International Fashion Week Preview: Elsien Gringhuis FW2011

January 23, 2011 by  
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Elsien Gringhuis took her inspiration for her fall winter 2011 collection from the Dutch countryside, with it’s endless view, clear fields and lots of wind. She called her collection ‘One of these days’, after a Pink Floyd song. Giving away a bit of the ominous feeling this seeming fresh collection has.

For her 18 different looks Elsien used natural materials like hand painted silk, bamboo and wool and opted for colors like black, white, green and (light) blue.

For this new collection she focused more on the wearability of her designs. She also developed her way of pattern making. ‘I challenge myself trying to use the minimal amount of parts for my patterns, maybe one or two’, Elsien said. ‘I also tried to give the collection more of an airy feeling then I did with other collection.’

Elsien’s favorite outfit of her new collection is a silk jumpsuit.

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