Amsterdam International Fashion Week Preview: Addy van den Krommenacker FW2011

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On Friday the 28th of January Addy van den Krommenacker will present his brand new collection during the Amsterdam Fashion Week. The couturier, who is not only popular in the Netherlands but is also a big hit in Italy, tells us his collection is inspired by a strong woman. Therefore the collection is called: A glamorous pieceful warior woman.

For this collection Addy looked for a new challenge. He said: ‘I an known for my glamorous red carpet looks, but this time I wanted to create a more tough woman. Of course she’ll still have my style.’

To create the clothes for this tough woman Addy used tough materials. ‘I used organza, lace and sequins, but the tough part is mostly visible in the colors of the collection. That is, I used colors I never used like this before and I didn’t opt for the very feminine colors I usually use. I also worked with a new technique: moulage.’

Addy will be showing at least 50 different outfits and is extremely busy at the moment (only four days after the fashion in Amsterdam Addy is already showing in Rome). ‘Every week from Sunday to Wednesday I go to Milan to visit the studio. I work hard, but being in Milan and having diner there is also a great way to relax. Besides, the whole process of making fashion is of course great fun.’

Although Addy is been a fashion designer for years, he still gets nervous. ‘The closer my fashion show gets, the more nervous I bvecome. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I start thinking about everything. Sometimes I come up with great ideas too, so then I get up and put them in my iPad. Other times I just close my eyes again and think ‘Tomorrow is another day’.

What we didn’t know of Addy is that he helps with producing the music for his show too. ‘I love music, so I’m working on the music for my show as well.’

Addy’s musthave for next fall? ‘A tough trenchcoat, which you’ll see in my new collection’

We’re looking forward to the show!


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  1. […] Team Peter Stigter ging bij hem langs in zijn atelier en maakte alvast de eerste foto’s van Addy’s nieuwste creaties. Ook vertelde Addy hen alles over zijn inspiratiebronnen, zijn kleur- en stofgebruik en gaf hij aan toch elke dag weer een beetje extra nerveus te worden voor de show. […]

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