Viktor & Rolf – Backstage – FW2010

During the V&R show there was not as much excitement backstage as there usually would be. The reason for this, of course, was the fact that Viktor and Rolf were dressing their models on stage, in stead of backstage. It took away a lot of the tension behind the scenes, but on the catwalk the pressure was on!

With each outfit Viktor and Rolf had to put on one of the models we were worried whether or not they would make it in time. And fortunately they did. All the dressing and undressing was done in about twenty minutes.

Of course backstage a lot of the preparations were done. Viktor and Rolf had to be able to easily take off the many coats Kirsten McMenamy wore. So they shouldn’t be too tightened. V&R had to know exactly what to do with each dress too, so the rehearsals were more than necessary. Also, the models that walked in the second half of the show did have to be dressed before entering the catwalk (they were going to be undressed by V&R).

Though well-known models like Karlie Kloss, Mirte Maas and Patricia van der Vliet walked in the show. They were hardly recognizable. They all wore caps and sunglasses and had large ponytails. Their make-up was plain: bleached eyebrows, light-colored lips and a rather pale skin tone. So the make-up wasn’t too special but the spectacular show totally made up for that.

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