Zyanya Keizer Catwalk Salon Show Amsterdam SS2017

July 10, 2016 by  
Filed under Amsterdam, Fashion, womenswear

It’s midnight by the ocean, the moonlight is shining over the (for this occasion) wavy catwalk as Zyanya Keizers’ models appear. They’re wearing pieces from the young designer’s brand new ‘Chiral’ collection inspired by nature and coral in specific. Deep sea dresses, jackets, skirts and tops in shades of blue, red and black are slowly following each other onto the runway. True one of a kind, handmade, mostly symmetric and – due to the beads – extremely heavy pieces, created with multiple beading techniques, reflecting molecules, organisms and coral structures. One by one representing the ultimate and perfect balance between art and fashion. With every piece being a mix of fantasy and timeless aesthetic. The beauty of the underwater world translated through clothing. As the show ended Keizers’ models stayed on the runway so the audience could take a closer look at the handcrafted ocean inspired designs. And the closer we got the more amazed we were. Wow!

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