Sjaak Hullekes Amsterdam Catwalk Fashion Show SS2013

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Japanese sounds and handmade fans on our chairs; let’s start the show!

Inspired by the prewar Japan and traditional Japanese music, Min‘yō (the name of the collection) representing the idea of continuation, Sjaak Hullekes presented a very well tailored, wearable and cohesive collection. To the sounds of a live cello in the corner of the catwalk (yet another form of live music this week) the male models appeared. They wore small fitting pleated pants, elegant shirts, non-lined safari jackets and handmade nature-inspired loafers. And Sjaak’s favorite piece, a terracotta shaded safari jacket with a collar and pockets in a contrasting fabric, indeed was one of the showstoppers of the collection.

Sjaak chose slightly smaller models this time and the fit of his clothing was smaller this time than with his previous collections. Yet still some of those tiny shorts fitted extremely tight, giving them a dandy, modern touch.

Everything looked really Eastern inspired. Like a collarless trenchcoat, a cardigan with standing collar, several sheers tops and a very small vintage navy fan print. Every piece of clothing was made in a slightly faded color (mint green orange, purple, olive, sand, terracotta) inspired by sepia pictures of people in Japan from before and after the industrialization.

Overall Sjaak showed a qualitative menswear collection, which his growing fan base will certainly appreciate. Let’s hope for his Amsterdam based fans it won’t take long until his new store opens.

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