SIS by Spijkers and Spijkers Catwalk Fashion Show MBFWA SS16

July 12, 2015 by  
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“She loves me she loves me she loves me. A love from outer space. Take a ticket to ride this space express. Meet the girl in the star dress.” The music had set the tone right away. Although it was not exactly a star dress, there were many outer space dresses indeed to be seen tonight. Colourful and shimmery sleeveless dresses with space shuttles or soft PJ-like shirt-dresses printed with spinning planets and galaxy creatures. Truus and Riet Spijkers are not the first one this fashion season flirting with rocket science (remember Prada’s quirky sweaters for men emerged with rocket ship motifs?). They got their main inspiration from Margaret Hamilton, the female engineer who took the Apollo 11 to the moon. “Astronauts that have been into space and have seen the earth from above got enlightened. It happend to Wubbo Ockels as well. They suddenly seem to realise how beautiful the earth is and we should take better care of it.”  And how to take better care of it with lots of love. We need cupido’s arrows (seen on the dresses and tops) to feel the love and passion. “Love and passion gives direction to our lives and fuel our hearts.” And it also fueled our love for fashion again, pampering us with beautiful daywear summer suits, easy-going skirts and flared trousers. Probably clothes that NASA wouldn’t approve before going up in space, but at least it got us dreaming of outer space. And although the show had already ended, we couldn’t help but keep dancing on Jamiroquai’s Cosmic Girl.

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