Silvian Heach Amsterdam Fashion Week SS2019

Tigers were walking the red lit walls of the show venue at Italian label Silvian Heach this afternoon. The same tigers that formed a print on a red suit, the opening look of the show. A statement piece and a highly desirable look as well. A look that set the mood for a large collection filled with wearable, feminine pieces. Silvian Heach is gaining popularity as well as sales points in the Netherlands and we can see why that’s working out.

The brand seems particularly good at designing suits and maxi dresses. Suits in different types of prints, but made in a variation of velvet shaded and sparkling as well. The dresses were all pretty conservative (lots of fabric) yet super feminine and came in all kinds of floral and animalistic prints.

The tiger print popped up a few more times and in between all suits and maxi dresses we spotted some appealing statement items, like a gold colored puffer, a velvet kimono, an off white fur coat. In the mix with leather skirts, plain dresses (cinched by the waist by a branded strap, OffWhite style), bowtie blouses, elegant, pleated skirts, chunky sweaters and sock boots. Enough said. Just click through out gallery and you be the judge.

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