Saskia ter Welle Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam Fashion Week Debute

January 27, 2017 by  
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The toughest pilot girls walked the Saskia ter Welle ruway this afternoon. Perhaps not quite the image we had in mind when we were heading to a show evolved around embroideries. But this surprise was for the better. Saskia, who previously worked with Dutch designers like Jan Taminiau, Ilja Visser and Monique Collignon and who experienced her fashion week debut, managed to keep things interesting with her story about understated glamour in a modern day fairy tale. With designs that formed a contrast between the raw and roughness of natural materials and the glamour that comes with beads, sequins and Swarovski crystals. Modern Japanese pattern techniques combined with richly decorated haute couture embroideries. A contrast that led to exciting combinations in this collection about wearable luxury. A collection built from craftsmanship as not only the embroideries but the clothing too hade been created by hand by Saskia and her team at their workspace in Doesburg. Most members of that team and countless of Saskia’s relatives seemed to be at the show today as some fanatic cheering and a round of applause awaited the designer after the finale.

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