Red Rail Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

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Money is no longer needed to buy clothes, at least if we believe The Red Rail. Today this organization showed a collection of clothes which you can buy by giving your blood.

During the fashion show a girl told the audience about how her live turned upside down when she got Leukemia. She also told how receiving good blood from others saved her live. With this project The Red Rail wants to create awareness about the patients that can be helped by donating blood.

Eighteen designers came up with an unique outfit for the show. They designed those with the support of Dutch top designer Claes Iversen and Angelika Groenendijk Wasylewski from Young Designers United. Altogether there were twenty looks, which differed a lot in quality and style. There were clothes for men and women.

A beige jumpsuit with a long blue printed top worn over it was a success. A pink dress with lots of pleats looked good too. Yet if you would like to have any of these looks you’d have to give your blood.

The next half year you can get a piece of clothing in exchange for your blood. After that the clothes are presented in the Young Designers United store in Amsterdam.

Of course we think it’s great The Red Rail wants to do something for health care. Yet it’s a pity they’re using fashion or more precisely the Amsterdam Fashion Week for this matter. ‘Cause although we saw some good pieces, the fashion was not very special.

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