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Today, the Peter Stigter aan de Muur project has launched officially! From now on, it’s possible to get your hands on one of the exclusive prints of Peter Stigter through the website

Many fashionista’s, designers and press were present at the opening. Designers like Bas Kosters, Niels Klavers en Jan Taminiau came to take a look at the catwalkart. Piet Paris (fashion-illustrator), Joost van Bellen (dj) and a few employees from Viktor & Rolf had a drink with us too.
Shortly after the exhibition was officially opened,  three pictures were already sold. There will be a Peter Stigter on the wall at the offices of  Elle and Glamour and publishing house Mood for Magazines.
Everyone at the opening seemed really enthusiastic about the project. During the evening we asked some visitors what they really thought of PSOTW. Their reactions were very positive. Below you can read some of them.

Piet Paris (fashion-illustrator) & Niels Klavers (designer)
’PSOTW is an original and unique concept. We think it’s great to be able to see the picture’s this large. Fashion shows are always very hectic, therefore you never get a chance to take a good look at a design or a model. In this way we can. It’s also great that these pictures go beyond fashion.’

Ferdinand Schmeits (designer)
’Through this project you look at fashion photography from another point of view. It is still catwalk photography but you can in no way compare it to the in which we  quickly skip through pictures of a fashion show online.’

Karin Swerink (editor in Chief at Glamour)
’We love Peter. Fantastic initiative.’

Harriet Calo (Mood for Magazines)
’I think it’s great that Peter sells his pictures for charity. It’s also fantastic that so many people wanted to cooperate for free on this project .’

Fabrice Hünd (artist)
’It’s special that there is a gallery with a link to fashion. It’s wonderful that the money that will be raised will go to charity.’

Jeroen Kruisweg (Canon)
’What a great project. Finally more people are able to have a fantastic catwalkpicture taken by Peter Stigter. In these pictures you see a part of fashion photography that you usually don’t see.’

Ganbaroo pr pr
’This project is insane! You are able to see more than a catwalkimage. You can see details that normally wouldn’t stand out. The project PSOTW is perfect in every way.’

Claes Iversen (designer) en Joost van Gorsel
’What Peter does, is very clever. Finally we can see his images very clearly. Peter takes fashion to another level. Some of the catwalkpictures look like editiorial ones, they’re so great and so much detail can be seen. These pictures are so different from the pictures we all look at on’

Hans Tielemans en Ine Ogink (friends of Peter en Jetty)
’Fabulous, great initiative. Pictures that normally are overlooked, now get a great spot in this exhibition.’

Lisa Telussa, Bianca Franssen en Marc Kwakman (Arnhem Mode Biënnale)
’It’s nice to be welcomed by Peter for once. Usually we are the ones that welcome him at our events. Finally the spotlights are pointed at his work. Great!’

Joost van Bellen (dj)
’I’m a great fan of Peter, as a person and for what he does. This project is great. The pictures don’t look like normal catwalkimages. It’s very noble of Peter to use a subject like fashion to help society.’

Bas Kosters (designer)
’Those pictures are so beautiful. When I heard of this project I was already enthusiastic, but now I see it I’m overwhelmed. I love working with Peter. He is the best, he is such a sincere, special and gallant person.’

Annelies Nuy (designer)
’More than anyone else Peter Stigter is able to give fashion just a little bit extra. Fashion shows are allways very hectic. It’s not until you see the pictures that you can see how everything actually looks. Peter doesn’t just photograph fashion, he has an eye for details and atmosphere too. I really value Peter because he is such a hard worker. He is a real professional and he works very quickly. Another great thing about Peter is that he is always willing to help young designer talents that don’t have very large budgets.’

Sjaak Hullekes (designer)
’I fully embrace this project. It definitely adds a new dimension to the profession of fashion photographer.’

Jan Taminiau (ontwerper)
’It’s nice that we are able to look at a fashion show through Peter’s eyes. He shows us a fashion show, frozen in the moment. It’s a great project and Peter is an awesome guy.’

Cassandra Wheat (employee Viktor & Rolf)
’It’s really nice to see fashion fotography in a different context.’

Ferry van der Nat (cosmetician & shop-owner)
’I have collected pictures of Peter Stigter for years, because I thought they were really special. Then me and Peter have worked together a lot. It’s great to see his pictures this big. Peter is really good at what he does. He doesn’t just take a picture, he always pays attention to body-position, composition and the international aspect. Wonderful!’

Tess van Daelen



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