MLY SS2015 Amsterdam Fashion Week

July 14, 2014 by  
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Ten years after Emily Hermans’ first fashion week show she returned to the Amsterdam catwalk today with a kaleidoscopic collection. The MLY designer made sure her comeback didn’t pass by unnoticed. A number of 45 womenswear looks shown by 16 different models painted her SS2015 picture. Divided into three series, one in tones of red, the other in hues of green and a third portraying a tropical color mix, the collection was inspired by all collections from the past ten years. Overall a combination of beautiful self developed digital prints and a wearable feminine fit. Pencil skirts, printed tops, summer dresses and short cardigans, suitable for just about any occasion and probably very appealing to the variety of Dutch woman in general. In between the sea of bright colored prints beige and black were the basic of the collection. Models sported big curly hair, red lips and colorful eye shadow, eye catching beige shoes and a fun accessory in the shape of a cap, backpack or bouquet every now and then. Might the clothing not be interesting enough the sustainable message behind MLY probably is. MLY is increasingly regarded as a green label. She uses a lot of eco certified yarns and natural, biodegradable fibers. Printed items are largely digitally printed, which consumes considerably less water than other printing processes. Also, biodegradable inks are used for printing and the major part of the production process takes place in the Netherlands. Now such a story just deserves 45 different looks.

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