Individuals Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2015

January 22, 2015 by  
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Down the escalator the models went. That Louis Vuitton trick never gets old. It made up for a spectacular entrance as the collection did the rest. In a sea of blue/gray-ish shades and a touch of yellow this year’s AMFI students presented their interpretation of Carefree like a Sunday morning. And carefree it was. Slouchy tops, baggy pants, nothing at sight that wasn’t comfortable. Robe-inspired coats with a big hug factor, a quilted skirt and cape seemed to be made from a sleeping bag. The models’ hands were either hidden under enormous sleeves or carried in the pockets. Heavy knitted socks in leather loafers had the same easy going appeal. Oh those Sunday mornings.. when you can just hide in your pajama’s or carelessly walk around in your underwear. Just comfort food and your favorite TV series. No make-up at sight, except of course from the beauty essentials print that popped up on a few pieces. The Individuals by AMFI students know just how important wearability and comfort really are in fashion nowadays. And with a fall collection as cosy as this one, who could resist?

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