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Tuesday evening The Amsterdam Fashion Institute celebrated the 5th anniversary of it’s graduation event. They organised a exhibition and a talk show and of course all graduation students were present at the World Fashion Centre to show their collections.

Most of these collections looked solid and well-made. Some people in the audience already said the AMFI students showed the best designs so far.

One thing that struck us was the fact that the students chose either very thin, transparent fabrics of heavy, thick ones. There was not a lot in between.

A few students really stood out with their work. One of them was Samira Algoe. She designed a menswear collection. Geometric fields were visible on her designs, remarkably colored in shades of pink, turquoise, grey and ultra-light yellow. Algoe’s pants and waistcoat were perfectly tailored. And for the fact that she even came up with a quilted coat she earns some extra points.

Another of our AMFI favorites was Roya Hesam. She used ultra-thin, airy, fabrics, which were sometimes partly transparent and other times gave away a lot of the models’ bodies. A pair of beautiful pleated pants and a brown dress with puff sleeves  were perfection. And although the clothes were very revealing, the models looked very elegant and sophisticated in them.

Merel de Jong, who actually kicked off the show, didn’t go for the easy way. She chose to mix metallics with thin fabrics throughout her collection. Therefore her clothes were a mix of stiff and smooth materials. She used white and silver, but also transparent red and copper. Apart from the fact that her clothes looked great, she even managed to design a few matching metallic accessories.

Floor Kolen closed the show. Her designs had lots of eyecatchers. First were the masks, second were the huge polka dots, third: the creative collars and last the stiff bodies Kolen let her models wear. She must have used some iron wire to let the clothes stay in shape. This collection was not the most wearable we’ve seen, but it surely showed creativity.

And last but not least, hats off to:

Daniella Hod, who really made a collection and was creative with shape and material.

Hilde Eijgenraam, for using prints when hardly anybody dared to do that.

Suzanne van Rooij, who came up with nice shapes and paid attention to detail.

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