Goodiebags !? Day two – Amsterdam Fashion Week 2010

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This year we pay attention to the goodiebags we receive at every fashion show. Although they’re called goodiebags, not everything that’s inside is really a goodie. Therefore we review the bags we receive during the Amsterdam Fashion Week and estimate their value.

At the end of the week we’ll announce the Goodiebag winner. Check it out!


The goodiebag we received at ELSIEN GRINGHUIS’ fashion show contained:


Face powder – Maybelline
Box with eye luminizer, lipgloss, nailpolish and two hairproducts – Redken


Estimated value: 20,-
Rating: 7

AMFI 12-35-56

The goodiebag we received at the INDIVIDUALS by AMFI fashion show contained:


Sample parfum (small + large) – Idylle


Folder – Laimbock
Two postcards – AMFI

Estimated value: € 5,-
Rating: 4

mada van gaans

The goodiebag we received at MADA VAN GAANS’ fashion show contained:


A Mada van Gaans bag
Two ball points – Toppoint
Color enhancer for blond hair – Redken


Folder – Ariane Inden

Estimated value: 5,-
Rating: 5


The goodiebag we received at Camilla Norrback’s fashion show contained:


Lipbalm keycord –  Volvo Ocean Race
Book by Martin Bril, named ‘Zweedse liefde’
Liv: Volvo Lifestyle
Magazine Esquire


Keyring – c30

Estimated value: € 15,-
Rating: 6

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