Bound Amsterdam Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam SS2017

July 9, 2016 by  
Filed under Amsterdam, Fashion, Menswear

Friday evening minmalistic premium fashion label Bound presented it’s first collection ‘Class of 2017’. A collection inspired by Japanese culture and the Japanese movie Kurôzu Zero, a dark movie leading to a quite somber palette of neutrals like navy, grey and white. The ultimate shades for a sportive, casual, Made in Italy menswear collection. With (on trend) boiler suits, shorts and matching sportwear jackets, chic jersey tracksuits, long unbutonned shirts, a striped sweater and slouchy jogging pants. Even a silver and gold skirt made it’s way onto the runway (surprise!). But that creation extravaganza aside Bound was mostly about solid, sportive key menswear items any man would love to own. Even the most basic beige and white Tees looked desirable and that says something about the designers’ skills. But guys, you gotta hurry, cause Bound will only release it’s designs in limited numbers.

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