Bas Kosters Catwalk Fashion Show Amsterdam FW2011

January 28, 2011 by  
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The Bas Kosters fashion show was one great spectacle. Everyone was watching the show with a big smile on his face and how could you resist such great entertainment?

It all started with a clip featuring Bas Kosters’ face, in which his hair and make-up mutated all the time (35 different looks). Then his models came on carrying stuffed puppets and pushing a Bugaboo pram. The collection was bright and colorful and had everything to do with mutated animals.

The clothes looked super comfortable, as did the Palladium shoes. The music, a mix by DJ Joost van Bellen was insane, featuring the song ‘Da steht ein Pferd auf dem Flur’. After all outfits were shows Bas already received a BIG round of applause, but the show was not yet over…

..As a grande finale Bas Kosters and his boyfriend came on stage singing and dancing together with a group of dancing students with the most gorgeous exotic floral head pieces. The show was complete MADNESS and everyone had such a great time! Good job Bas!!!

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