Trend Report FW2013: Pinstripe Parade

October 23, 2013 by  
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There’s nothing surprising about a woman dressed in a suit anymore. Us ladies have been borrowing clothes from the lads for ages now. But this season the menswear inspired tailoring is extra sharp! Designers from Yamamoto and McCartney to Ralph Lauren and Margiela all introduced the masculine inspired trend in a new and very feminine version. Now they may have opted for the typical (boring) business pinstripe generic viagra print, they did manage to turn it into the most wanted, extra elegant print on any woman’s fall fashion wish list. They showed the print on a jacket, combined with skirts, bare legs and high heels (Ferragamo), paired with nothing but some lingerie (Marc Jacobs) or a pair of shorts (Saint Laurent), sleeveless (Margiela), on sharply tailored suits (Moschino, Yamamoto) and last but not least used on unexpected fashion items like, dresses and thick winter jackets (Stella McCartney). These labels made it clear: you don’t have to look like a fella to join in on this pinstripe parade. Be inspired by our image gallery below, use your creativity and have a little feminine fun with it!

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