First View Paris Womenswear SS2014: Free Style

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Rebooted feminism is not limited to the region of Milan. Where Prada touched on tribal influences to visualise the buy levitra american pharmacy power of women, we see also Céline reflecting on this topic. Subtle acts of rebellion as well as strong statements, yet all in sophisticates aesthetics that make happy, breath freedom and inspire.

Céline gives power and women a face with slaps of tribal brushwork on bold tunics. Free and easy with slashing, painterly strokes in primary shades, the bold matched with fluid fabric experiments. Where the Céline women are tough and tribal – Issey Myake’s power story comes in shouting COLOUR. Poppy neon-brights suggest sparks of vibrant daylight in all its intense gradations from dawn to dusk; His theme is light – starlight, moonlight, and sunlight.

Raf Simons laid a primrose path for his models through a pretty jungle-dense garden of real and fake plants. Lovely garments with respect for the classic where spiced with a whiff of toxic poison; Fluo patterns and bold quotes.   Givenchy combined the fragility of Japan and the draping of Africa in kimono-infected suits and filmy stretch jersey dresses.

The upbeat rebellion of fashion tribes.

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