First View Milan Womenswear SS2014: Exotic Work Out

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“Ethereal physicality” is how ms. Giannini, designer of Gucci, outlines her glam sports collection. Sporty vibes mix seamlessly well with exotic flora and ornaments inspired by the Orient, Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Undeniable luxury reflected in garments adorned with intricate laser-cut lace patterns, silk jacquards, glowing Lurex, swinging fringe and intricate beading. A festival of pattern in cut, pasted and patched large-scale exotics. Not queued up in this style spot yet nonetheless newsworthy is Missoni  – showing a pastiche of ideas that range from Indian sarongs, Japanese pop songs, volcano prints, seascapes and florals. More exotics at Etro where the family’s signature paisley is splintered, collaged, and mutated with a fresher result, more alive than ever.

Staged in this spot are – Gucci: clearly inspired by Art Nouveau illustrations of Erté, managing to merge exquisite patterning with giant T’s, roomy bombers and silken jogging pants that show relaxed fluidity and breath an undeniable luxury.  Just as Pucci – celebrating gym clothes, showing extreme body confidence and sheer luxury cialis 20mg at the same time. Here Masai embroideries do the trick. Iceberg navigates between spaceship sports-tech and Tokyo where Aquilano & Rimondi belts silky plains as well as decorative supersized florals.

It is sensual, sporty and streetwise.

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