Costume National Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear SS2014

September 20, 2013 by  
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After being born in Milan in 1986 and raised in Paris Costume National this week returned to it’s roots after 23 years. Back home where the brand’s Italian tailoring can fully revive again. Held in a ‘under construction’ building in Italy’s fashion capital the theme was clear. For spring designer Ennio Capase viagra cialis online focused on deconstruction, calling his collection De-Construct-Re-Construct. “I constructed this collection by freely assembling and reassembling patterns to give each piece a sense of ease”, Capase stated in his show notes. That translated to sharply tailored, minimalistic creations, mostly monochrome, but with a hint of neon, metallic, beige and blue. Models appeared powerful and modern in the asymmetrical dresses, skirts, jackets and tops. Sleeves jackets were left open to reveal the middle part of the models’ chest, sheer tops revealed boobs and bellies and skirts were given a super high slit. Yet even with all this ‘nudity’ the collection remained modest and chic. Probably thanks to some of that Parisian heritage..


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