Hong Kong Citylife # 4 denim everywhere

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Let’s not forget we’re visiting Hong Kong because the Kingpins Show is on. And like anywhere in the world, you’ll find a lot of denim here too. In a fashionable way but also as a part of daily workwear.


Hong Kong Citylife # 2 Protection

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It’s all about protecting your skin from the sun in Asia. Women start at an early age with sunscreen but also by using umbrella’s and staying out of the sun. But you can also wear a real shield to protect yourself, like this old lady. And to be honest: we thing it’s looking damn good.

Hong Kong Citylife # 1 Signs

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Hong Kong citylife is about being surrounded by colorful signs. We’re visiting this cityto cover the Kingpins Show, a denim tradeshow that’s being held at different places in the world like Amsterdam and New York. We arrived a bit earlier to capture the cityvibe.


Hong Kong street (fashion) life

The team is visiting Hong Kong this week and is covering the Kingpins Show the coming days. But first we needed to explore the city ourselves. We’re fascinated by the colorful signs, the 24h bubble, the skyline by night and of course we could not end the day without shooting some streetfashion.