Trend Report SS15: The iPhone generation

July 1, 2015 by  
Filed under Featured Items, Streetwear

Bags. Shoes. Glasses. Accessories. Cats. Men. Oh yes, we women have enough important accessories in our lives. But there’s one more appreciated, overly used and crucial accessory that secretly made it’s way to our top priorities and it sometimes even wins over having a lovely (offline!)dinner with your date: our phone. Yes ladies and gents, it seems to be one of the most persistent and denied addictions these days.

When we go on the hunt for our favourite street style icons, crawling down the streets of the fashion capitals, our eyes come across hundreds of models, fashion editors and style influencers holding their phones like it’s their new it-bag they’ve just picked up from the store. Keeping it close to them like it’s matter of life and death, which is true (crossing the street while texting or calling on your bicycle) when it comes to the rapid world of fashion. That small boxy thing that we call our phones, nowadays stores our complete lives in it: phone numbers, pictures, videos, agendas, music, secret messages, important notes, creative ideas, not to mention the incredible amount of time we spent on posting every single bit of our utterly interesting experiences, foods and OOTD’s on social media. And we spent even more time on following our favourite fashion icons and editors.  Sometimes that often, that we seem to forget we actually also have a online life to live ourselves. So what about you? Are you still able to spend a day without your phone?