AIFW Streethearts Award #5

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This is it! It’s goodbye to the AIFW summer-edition and to our Streethearts-contest. Esther Coppoolse, fashion director of ELLE, was chosen as our most fashionfabulous streetheart. Because she has her own personal style instead of acting like a fashion victim. And that has nothing to do with her job, she’s been developing her style over the years and it’s only getting better. It’s stylish, daring, personal and you can see she had fun dressing up.

But hey, that doesn’t mean you didn’t look good – everybody we photographed and put on the wall was worth looking at. And inspiring too. So we want to thank you all for dressing up ! And we’ll meet again next year !

Esther Coppoolse, fashion editor in chief of ELLE, about her vision on…tattoos.

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