Streetstyle Icon: Candela Novembre

July 23, 2015 by  
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Her outfits may keep on changing throughout the day, one thing streetstyle icon Candela Novembre can always be recognized for is her parting. Whether she has long blonde hair (like two seasons ago), a short bob (like past winter) or a ponytail her hair always falls into a perfect parting. Candela barely wears any make-up and usually hides behind her statement designer glasses. Oh and did we mention her impeccable style?

The Argentine model (who moved to Italy at at the age of 17) has a quirky elegant style. “Virgin Suicides meets Blondie”, she refers to it herself. Now she might live in Milan, this lady usually has that typical Parisian ‘Je ne sais quoi’-look on her face. Candela believes “a happy mind and a happy soul are the best fashion accessories”, so spot her in bold prints and bright colors wearing a big smile on her face.

And how could she not be smiling? Good looks and a dream job as the editor of Lampoon, this mother of two has it all. She strolls around in the latest designer pieces, but has a great eye for vintage as well. Whatever look this Milan based beauty is going for, parading through the streets of Milan with her famous friends Chiara F. and Anna della R., Candela never fails to impress. Just have a glance at our image gallery and you’ll get the idea.