Round and about Elle Style Awards

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Our reporter Sophie spotted some good looking people round and about:

Round and About Elle Style

Round and About Elle Style
Elif form AIFW-blog-team
This Chloe Sevigny look alike immediately caught my eye. Her name turned out to be Elif, she’s in charge of the AIFW fashionblog and knows how to work her wardrobe.

Round and About Elle Style
Nude Shiny Legs
This girl was the first person I saw wearing the American apparel nude shiny leggings. They are rather hard to combine but she did a great job. Love the tailoring of the jacket with its striking blue stitches.

Round and About Elle Style
Cara from Elle
Right before she left I managed to take a picture of ex chiefeditor Cara from Elle; being ‘the mother of style’ she looked amazing in her blue Klavers en van Engelen’ dress with a black detail and matching jacket and shoes.

Round and About Elle Style
Willemijn Rinnooy Kan
Dressed in a shiny Laundry Industry dress, Willemijn Rinnooy Kan, freelance reporter who has worked for Elle and the Financieel Dagblad, charmingly posed for me.

Round and About Elle Style
Boy in men’s room:
This sweet young man had been waiting in line for the toilet for 10 minutes and when it was finally his turn to go I asked him to pose. Thanks for holding it up a little longer!

Round and About Elle Style
Best dressed cleaning lady.
This girl obviously wasn’t the cleaning lady, though the colours of her bag and pantyhose look amazing next to a simple blue bucket. Love the lipstick and hair, thank you!

Round and About Elle Style
Yves Saint Laurent gloves
A great match in high-end fashion. The minimalistic shape and powdry colour of this dress go really well with the Yves saint Laurent gloves and the haircut.


One Response to “Round and about Elle Style Awards”

  1. Steve Dockendorf says:

    I Love Shiny Pantyhose/Tights. They have a very special way of making you look Amazing/Young/Beautiful in every way possible. They can create Beauty in anyone of any age. Their is no flaw, just absolute Beauty.

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