Rick Owens Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2015

March 6, 2015 by  
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Luckily Rick Owens´ menswear shocker was no longer talk of the town today. And luckily the designer didn´t pull that stunt again during his womenswear presentation. No instead he gave some of his models gold and silver foiled faces. Metallic masks to match his structured collection that combined glam with Owens signature rawness. Sober shades, but there was more enough excitement to observe. Sequins, fringes and glitter in the mix with heavy winter fabrics like suede, fur and the thickest wool. Techniques of draping and layering made every look appear like outerwear even when bare arms were revealed. Quilted coats, 7/8 skirts, woolen tunics and asymmetric overcoats, that definitely deserved a closer look, seemed futuristic. Not one to set trends or appeal to a mass market Rick Owens created absolute stand out pieces. Pieces that, when styled differently, can be the conspicuous pieces of our everyday wardrobe. Saving those masks for extra special occasions.

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