Raf Simons Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

June 27, 2010 by  
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Get ready! Flared pants are back in fashion!

At least that’s what Raf Simons told us today at his show, with which he celebrated fifteenyears of fashion. Yet unlike the hippie flared models we’ve seen in fashion before, today’s flared pants were rather sophisticated. Combined with sleeveless blouses, waistcoats and ties they didn’t look so bad after all.  Simons shorts on the contrary were too tight and almost looked like leggings.

A clean white trenchcoat looked very stylish, as did the white blouses that followed. The many white looks were there for a reason; the collection was all about gender, sex, and sterility. So we saw many white, clinical looks and only a few collars.

‘Symbolic, emotional, extreme’, was how Simons described his collection. He emphasized the zippers of the outfits; they were highlighted through their colors: green, pink and orange and had bit zip pulls. A lot of them were placed on the back of the tops.

Apart from the wide legged trousers Raf Simons is your to-go-to man when it comes to perfectly tailored suits as well. A bunch of waisted black and navy suits formed a great ending of the show.

Now let’s wait and see how long it will take before the flared pants trend is picked up by the people.


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