Ann Demeulemeester Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

June 26, 2010 by  
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Black and white. Those were the shades Ann Demeulemeester used for her latest menswear collection. Thin models with remarkable bone structure and slick combed back hair showed her new creations. The designs were somewhat futuristic and covered up the biggest part of the models bodies.

The first half of the collection everything was white. The small pants, the suits with standing collars, the jackets and the wellies. With the last white outfit the showed seemd to be over. Yet a second show started when the first black outfit appeared. The second half of the collection thus was black and in stead of the white cotton Demeulemeester used a lot of black leather. 

The suits’ collars were often the eye-catchers of the designs. They were asymmetrical of were decorated with extra buttons, belts and even ruffles.

Actually the collection was a lot of what you would expect from Ann Demeulemeester. The clothes weren’t trendy, they were well structured and many looks were totally black.

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