Hair & Make-up suggestions for the Oscars

February 8, 2010 by  
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When going to the Oscars not only your dress has to look stunning. Your hair, as well as your make-up, has to be mind-blowing. Your overall look just need to be special and different from any other party or award show.

Thus, just letting your hair hang loose is not an option. It has to look like you put some effort into it. You’d have to pin it up, let it braid or let it curl.

The all-time favorite hairstyle at the Oscars seems to be a classical pinned up style. Perhaps finished with a nice hair accessory and eye-catching earrings. Yet while braids have got very popular last year we might see some of that at the Oscars as well.

At the haute couture shows in Paris the hair and make-up looked dramatically over the top. Big, old-fashioned hairstyles were presented and some of the make-up felt a bit drag queenish. Yet trends at fashion shows always get extremily magnified. So it’s good to get some inspiration from it and turn it into your own style.

Just always keep in mind that the Oscars deserve an ultra special look.

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