Dries van Noten Catwalk Fashion Show Paris Womenswear SS2019

September 27, 2018 by  
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Fresh, grown up, colourful, sophisticated; just a few words to describe what happened at Dries van Noten on Wednesday. His collection for SS2019 was enthusiastically received by the fashion critics, mainly because of the Belgium designer’s focus on his own target group. Dries van Noten isn’t trying to aim at a younger audience (millennials) like most of the big brands nowadays. He is just staying true to his own signature and the costumer he has always had in mind; intelligent 30+ women with good taste. For next summer he imagined those women rocking loose pants, comfy dresses worn over midi skirts, overalls and sleeveless jackets. Like you’d expect from Dries van Noten the color palette with shades of yellow, blue, khaki and turquoise combined with black and white was exquisite. The silhouette/fit super comfy, with utility touches (large, multiple pockets) here and there. Floral prints, striped patterns (even on the shoes) and touches of fur added an extra fun factor. A lott of fabric was used on some of the folded/tied designs, like the blue maxi dress Rebecca Leigh Longendyke sported. A lot of fabric in the looks in general. Dries van Noten isn’t one to state the obvious sexy. When it comes to his well dressed clientele sexiness can be in the smallest details, like an off shoulder top, a sheer dress or an ankle in one of his perfect open summer shoes.

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