Balenciaga Catwalk Fashion Show Paris FW2018

March 5, 2018 by  
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Take a look at the current fashion trends and you’ll notice 5 out of 10 trends originate back to Balenciaga. It’s not just the shoes (the knife boots, the metallic ankle boots and those Triple S sneakers) that are selling like hot cakes (despite their price tag). It’s the checks, the trench coats, the fanny packs, the logos and what not. And after clicking through fw2018 we can reassure you Balenciaga will again be one of the hit makers of the new season. The show, in which both male and female models walked, was about covering up for the cold. The backdrop was, as designer Gvasalia put it, a kind of a snowboarder paradise from the beginning of the ’90s; a fake snow mountain covered in graffiti. And what do you do when temperatures drop? You layer up. Right?! And so models sported fur coats over parkas over checked shirts over jersey sweaters over floral dresses over checked skirts. No doubt layering will be a big theme next year. An image of Joey from Friends wearing every fashion piece from his closet has already been hunting us since the show. New 3D techniques created foam out of bonded traditional fabrics. The result of super fitted, body hugging designs had something futuristic to it. And the brand proved it’s focus on the future by promoting the World Food Program and by donating $250,000. “You see, I don’t want to be just a T-shirt-and-hoodie man. We sell them, of course—but I feel I have a responsibility to do it in a way which brings a message”, Gvasalia stated as his new sneaker is hitting headlines on social media and all the big fashion websites.

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