Victoria Beckham Catwalk Fashion Show New York Spring Summer 2017

September 12, 2016 by  
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Easy, relaxed, free spirited; that’s how Victoria wants herself and her women to feel and dress like. In order for them to do so she created a refreshing range of effortless clothing for spring summer 2017. Voluminous looks with a focus on the hips in which women of many sizes can feel comfortable. Far away from the glamorous looks that were once part of la Beckham’s signature. ‘I really feel I’ve come into my own this season. This is how I want to dress now. It’s looser, much more effortless, more comfortable. I wanted the clothes to look like they’d just been thrown on”, she said backstage.
And might you think velvets and boots are no match for the summer season, just click through the gallery. In shades of lilac and turquoise Victoria’s deconstructed velvet dresses looked as fresh as can be. Worn with airy knee high boots they form some odd summer attire. A daring style choice, that will undoubtedly give Victoria Beckham even more fashion credibility as a designer. Coming up with a range of bras that will do little good to most women’s breast might not be the most commercial move, but in the world of fashion it might just do the trick. Same goes for the matchy matchy shoulder bags Victoria created in the exact same fabrics as her outfits. A style choice most people would refer to as a fashion no go, but who knows Victoria might just be able to turn it into a hit. And even if it didn’t become all the rage the woman Victoria is trying to portray could probably not care less. She is relaxed and confident in any outfit.

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