Rodarte Catwalk Fashion Show New York SS2017

September 14, 2016 by  
Filed under Fashion, New York, womenswear

Laura and Kate Mulleavy grew a lot of sunflowers over the summer. Sunflowers that attracted a lot of bees, which ultimately led to their bee-inspired summer collection. Looking at the clothes from a distance you’d probably just see a bunch of delicate and beautiful dresses, but taking a closer look you could see the bee inspired details. Like the honeycomb-ish layering on a piece of tulle, a beehive bodice decoration and lots of floral embroideries. Details on a selection of feminine and delicate cocktail and evening dresses with a focus on the shoulders. An abundance of jewelry (including large earpieces worn in just one ear) added extra grace. But it wasn’t all dreamy and sweet. The designer sisters added some tough touches too, in the shape of leather belts and boots. The last look: a floor sweeping wedding gown for the bride to bee. Then it was time for sparkling rose drinks and rooftop dances at the Jane.

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