Milan Catwalk Fashion Show fw2010: Gucci

January 18, 2010 by  
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Gucci showed us the tasteful side of the Seventies – a period where a lot of mensweardesigners refer to for their fall-collections. Tasteful as in: monochrome camel, beige, black and off-white, faded blues, yellow and reds but also rich colors. This was not the most remarkeable Gucci-collection, as in new. The silhouet is still slim, with shorter jackets which had broader lapels, no excess of big accessories except for classic Gucci loafers, big sunglasses and a big bag. The Gucci man is still an angry young playboy, but he’s waiting for better times to come. It’s remarkablke that hardly any label shows tuxedo’s these days, I guess partytime is over. ‘ Come as you are’ sang Kurt Cobain while the last pack of models strolled down the runway. The Gucci-man just wears a velvet jacket in midnightblue, bottlegreen or burgundy. No bow, no shirt.

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