Etro Catwalk Fashion Show SS2011

June 21, 2010 by  
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The male models at Etro were right to wear a big smile on the catwalk: the new collection looked marvellous, the guys sexy and confident.

Every outfit felt right. First the paisley shorts and the transparent shirt, then the body-fit suit, the checked trenchcoat, the neat pants, the paisley-printed Tees and the V-neck sweaters. All shown in a beautiful soft color palette of white, grey, pink, olive green, beige, sand and a splash of yellow towards the end. It formed a nice contrast with the bright green of the turf the models walked on.

The paisley prints gave this collection a nice edge. We know a pair of paisley trousers will be a little too outspoken for some guys, yet the modern metro-man will definitely know how to work them. Just as he will love the new tie; small, with a straight bottom.

In fact, all details Kean Etro added to his looks were stunning: the bags, the leather belts and the handkerchiefs.

We’re sure this summer any woman would love her man to look like Etro’s models did today.

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