Aquilano & Rimondi Catwalk Fashion Show Milan SS2013

September 23, 2012 by  
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There was a lot going on in Aquilano & Rimondi’s spring collection. Inspired by Fellini, couturier Roberto Capucci, the Venice Carnival and Picasso; designs indeed were a mix of many influences. Argyle patterns (in black, white and metallic shades) were used throughout the complete collection, on the balloon-y short skirts and over the knee pencil versions. Skirts that were combined with corset bodies and several wide sleeved tops (some Japanese details in between all the Italian references).

There were some exquisite looks, which combined skirts, peplums and tight bodies. Yet there were some ill fitting ones too, which will probably never work on the body of an average woman. There were no pants in sight, no sweater, no jackets; no tees. Meaning for a wearable daywear look the Aquilano & Rimondi woman will probably have to shop elsewhere. Yet if she has a party coming up that midi argyle printed skirt combined with that ivory top might just blow everyone else away.

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