Alberta Ferretti Catwalk Fashion Show Milan Womenswear FW16

February 25, 2016 by  
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Although the day was about to end for us, slowly drifting into the night, the Ferretti show was just starting and took us back to dawn. Looking at the wintry woods backdrop, a new day is about to start. Nature is unfolding, slowly waking up. That quiet moment in the early hours, it breaths nothing but romance. And that’s exactly what she took in mind when designing her winter collection, bringing together the Italian Renaissance (yet again, just like in her previous fall collection) with a bohemian touch. The harshness of today’s society was completely forgotten by the the sophistication and softness of the materials, giving the whole collection a light and airy vibe. Like some sort of fashion meditation, cradling you into a peaceful (although aware) state of mind. You could almost smell the intense craftsmanship. We wanted to push our noses into the beautiful brocades, velvets, and jacquard patchworks, the embroideries on the feather light dresses, flowy lines that sculpted the womens bodies perfectly. The touch-me textures, lace details, see-through tops, PJ-like suits and the fur-collared capes. The whole collection was impregnated with her well-known and acclaimed signature of softness yet assertive femininity. And that’s why we all want to be, and can be, a Ferretti woman. Every woman is craving for this perfect balance between romance and feeling too fragile. The intrusive iPhones in the audience taking pictures, they almost felt so inappropriate and weird in this Italian Renaissance theatre. Or wasn’t it? Not, according to Ferretti, who built her collection on image building and how we communicate image building these days. The leap between images from the Renaissance and the modern day snapchats and Instagram posts, both having the exact same function but in a completely different way. There is a huge leap in time for sure, but only in time, not in fashion sense. Because we can definitely imagine lots of modern day women in these fashion pieces.

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