Trend Report SS2018: Out of the Box

April 18, 2018 by  
Filed under Menswear, Trends

“Men don’t have as much dressing up options as women do”, you hear it all the time. And it’s true that men in general dress-up more plain or basic then their female counterparts. But stating they don’t have as much clothes/styles/looks to pull from certainly isn’t true. And if anyone ever stil says so, let them click through the gallery in this blogpost. Cause these guys simply have the baddest streetstyles out there. It is colourful, vibrant, playful (but never clow-ish), manly, tough and absolute out of the box. Complete with exotic hairstyles, caps, beanies, sunglasses, hoodies and man bags. And who says guys can’t wear full on floral printed coats? We dare all women to go all out like these guys. And this gallery just goes to show that with the right attitude you can make any outfit work.

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