Stijlinstituut Amsterdam about trends for Fall 2011

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Anne Marie Commandeur of Stijlinstituut Amsterdam talks about her expectations for the new fall 2011 season, that kicked of yesterday with New York Fashion Week. It’s her talent to catch the trends and influences a few years ahead of the actual season, so what’s old news for her is brand new for us.

According to Commandeur the biggest trends are: Sobriety (a serene but luxurious style with lots of black & white), Retro (influenced by Mad Men and the Fifties), Baroque Wonderland (to escape from todays life, inspired by Alice in Wonderland) and Raw Luxury (inspired by nature and wild animals). You will hear more of it during the coming fashionweeks and read all about it at our Stylespot First View and Round Up. Below you’ll find an example of two of the biggest trends for the new season.

We’ll keep you posted!



Copyright images: Stijlinstituut Amsterdam

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