Versace Fashion Show Milan Womenswear SS2016

September 26, 2015 by  
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Who run the world? Beyoncé knows. And Donatella knows too for sure. For this show it felt like those two leading ladies have been sharing the same thoughts: Who are we as women? And are we happy with who we are and the life we’re living? The Versace squat that walked down the runway seem to have the answers. The soundtrack of the show was ‘Transition’ by producer and DJ Violet and Friends, and was originally recorded to commemorate International Women’s Day. The perfect song for a show that was dedicated to all women regardless of age, color, religion, sexuality, or what sex they were born with. And that woman is matured, confident and sexy by nature, ready to bloom and explore in the urban jungle. She’s fierce and fragile at the same time. As a girlboss you don’t always have to be harsh, bitchy or have any other unhealthy attitude, sometimes you just have to let the clothes do the talking. And according to Donatella that means long time smashers such as animal prints, snake textures, sharp tailored suits, belted army blazers, platform shoes reaching sky high and lots of sexy dresses. No Versace show would be complete without some I-need-this-right-now dresses, right? We all need from time to time some off-shoulder, sheerness and cut-outs to reveal our best assets. Perhaps not at the office (try the military jacket!), but definitely at a party or any other sexy and fun occasion. It was a surprisingly mature and strong collection, without being too flashy or trashy. Sensuality and womanliness seem to be redefined. At least, for now. And so we end up with one more question: Would this be Versace’s new direction or just a fling?

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