Streetstyle Trend Report SS2018: Supporter Scarf

April 13, 2018 by  
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If we’d have to name the ultimate way to sport the logomania trend (besides that Gucci headband we saw this winter) it would be by joining in on the current soccer scarf hype. And yes, you can keep your Manchester, Real Madrid or AC Milan accessories at home. Vetements, Off White and other current trend should have their logo up there. As far as rules apply: the bolder, the better. Yet wear it with a careless attitude. Spring might have sprung, but there will still be those night where you’d wanna tuck in and wrap up against the cold. Now which fashion club are you supporting this season?



One Response to “Streetstyle Trend Report SS2018: Supporter Scarf”

  1. Trinh says:

    hey, can you tell me the brand of the green and pink scarf the lady with the sunglasses wears? thanks

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