SS2017 Trend: Head over (Kitten) Heels

April 1, 2017 by  
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For years and years (decades perhaps) wearing a tiny heel was the least sexy thing a woman could do. I remember having read multiple articles with famous/fashionable women stating that the one fashion No Go they could think of was: wearing shoes with a short (below 2 inches) heel. High heels represented sexiness, power and fearlessness, so who would want to be caught walking on medium length heels? I did and I still do. I may be short, high heels just don’t work for me. They make me walk (stumble) awkwardly and they give me less confidence instead of more. Boy, am I glad times have changed and current shoe trends are possibly the most comfortable they have ever been. I mean sneakers, loafers and kitten heels are all over the cat- and sidewalks. And it’s those fifties style kitten heels that the biggest fashion lovers/unfluencers/social super stars are embracing the most. That J’aDior kitten heel with open ankle might be the it-shoe of the moment (if there ever was any). Besides, Prada, Loewe and Céline are celebrating the comeback of the lower heel too. This summer we can strut around WITH confidence yet WITHOUT painful feet. Comfy yet sexy. How about that high heel lovers?

(Tess, 1.64m)

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