Menswear Trends SS2020 Round-up

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Men wearing dresses at the shows might have made some headlines five years ago. But menswear has changed so much the last couple of years there’s hardly a way to shock or surprise the audience anymore. And that is such a great observation. Rules have faded, boundaries have blurred, codes have shifted so that men can dress as freely as ever. Yes, we’re slowly moving from sporty and street to sophisticated and dressed up. Yet the new dressing up game is so much different than before. We’re getting seventies vibes (with lots of color, prints and a feeling of a louche love affair). Summer suits are allowed in just about any color except for the conservative navy and black. The ocean forms a big inspiration for many nautic boy (boat hat on, scarf around the neck) outings. Tunics and “midlayer garments” (quoting Vigirl Abloh) are the fits for relax/holiday mode. And then there’s a whole armory of gender bending looks and collections ready to change up the fashion game for guys just a little more. Also: let’s take a moment for the breathtaking Jacquemus show Simon Porte Jacquemus decided to hold in the middle of endless lavender fields in Aix-en-Provence. The ultimate escape for a 2020 holiday.

Free spirited 2.0

Soft (colored) suiting

Midlayer garments, tunics and dresses

Nautic boy

Gender bending


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