Dorhout Mees SS2015 Amsterdam Fashion Week

July 13, 2014 by  
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Inspired by water (or more specific the ability of water crystals to transform in certain environments) and it’s many faces Esther Dorhout Mees presented yet another flawless womenswear collection, named “O”, today. After the backdrop video set the mood and waves were projected onto the catwalk long and lean models on high geometric, asymmetrical heels (which gave the illusion to be wet) with wet hair ‘walked on water’. They sported elegant creations visibly inspired by water. Light blue and white (true water tones) were the main colors, a touch of pink added at the end. Fabrics were both airy and shiny, reflecting the attributes of water. Breast and waist were the focus in the designs silhouettes, with a few strong shoulders here and there. Always delicate and sophisticated and therewith creating a collection full of the finest cocktail chic ensembles. Strapless, structured dresses, midriff baring, ruffled (resembling waves) tops, sheer (representing the transparency of water) pants worn with high waisted underpants and maxi dresses with T-shirt shaped sleeves had XL pleats. Fabrics were airy, floating (like water) in the air as the models slowly walked the runway. An extra beautiful effect, which especially a few creations with layers of the finest, thinnest fabrics on top of each other (like a book) were able to show off. Mirrored prints (representing the reflecting aspect of water) added to the elegance of the collection as a nice subtle scent (yes, Dorhout Mees want to trigger all senses) completed the Dorhout Mees water world.

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