David Laport FW17/18 Amsterdam Catwalk Fashion Show

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The aqarium (1882) of Amsterdam based Zoo Artis acted as a show venue on Tuesday night. Dutch designer David Laport presented his brand new collection Fuse surrounded by the most exotic fish (and dressed up birds of paradise). An extra special setting that probably triggered a large part of the Dutch fashion crowd to show up as it was super crowded. And of course David Laport (1986) has really made a name for himself in the last couple of years showing his designs at both Amsterdam and Paris fashion week. As of this season the young designer is working with Paris based agent AMF. He is expanding his brand and also creates custom made red carpet designs for his clients every now and then.

His new demi couture collection was all about light, airy designs that gracefully moved as the models walked the runway. Inspired by climate change and the nature’s beauty that comes with it David created pleats that represented the crumbling of the ice caps and he used shiny, sheer materials that gave the idea of melting ice. References that worked beautifully with the chill and serene atmosphere in the underwater wold of the monumental building of the Artis aquarium. Colors were absent as black, white and silver designs dominated the collection. Were his creations previously more art than fashion, this collection was David’s most wearable (and thus commercial) to date. His shoe collection of sculptural heels appeared a little less comfortable (one model had to take them off), yet they perfectly matched the theme of the evening.

After a final glimpse at the fish and the flamingos outside the audience took off. Inspired by Davids dreamy collection, checking yet another extraordinary show venue off of their list.

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