Christopher Kane Catwalk Fashion Show London Womenswear SS2019

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As was the case with two of his last collections today’s Christopher Kane line up had sex as a theme. Inspired by David Attenborough’s films on the mating behaviors of wildlife and Marilyn Monroe the designer and his co-creative director and sister Tammy came up with a sensual but sophisticated collection. Or, as Christopher called it himself: “It’s intellectual. It’s subversive.”

Nature and Sex was the name of the show. And all prints could be directly linked to it. ‘Sexual Cannibalism’ read a few sweaters, ‘Horse Power’ and ‘Foreplay’ was written on a few other items. Quite simple sporty pieces that contradicted with some of the glamorous, shiny disco pieces. Another contradiction could be found in the delicate – next to nothing – lace tops vs. the strong shouldered jacquard jackets.

Shoewise there were sneakers and sex toy inspired pumps. No bags or jewelry were used; the clothes had enough details on their own. Especially since diamonds formed a theme too. They were there as a print on sheer evening dresses. And as real chunky and colourful stones on the necklines and chests of a few dresses and tops.

A shiny, loose fitting purple suit could have come straight out of 1001 nights and surely looked like the comfiest fit for a night out. All other designs with sparkling straps (cuffs, necklines, shoulders and hips) were mesmerizingly beautiful. Funny how delicate such a sex inspired collection can turn out.

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